Gadgets and Devices Destroy Childhood

Children make use of modern technology. It is their new means of discovering things. But gadgets and devices destroy childhood, the kind of childhood we knew in our time. There is not a lot of kids that go out and play tag. Nor hide and seek nor cowboys and indians. It has been abandoned for the more sedate play of minecraft or watching youtube videos. This does not sit well for most parents. 

Some people use these gadgets as an alternative babysitter. This is often the start of children being hooked to these devices. Or when they see older people so entranced and dependent on their cell phones and never talking with each other. Even affection is shown in messages sent through their cell phones. 

We all know prolonged use of these devices are very harmful to children’s developing brains. Most studies present medical images and proof of the harmful effects of gadgets and devices. Serious physical and mental problems could arise from long time inactivity and screen exposure. The immediate complaints would be backache and headaches and dry eyes from staring intently. This could also lead to temporary myopia. Impaired learning and cognitive delays can result from non-interaction. Conversation and interaction are important for children to reach their milestones. Social development becomes sluggish and obesity becomes a problem due to inactivity.Gadgets-and-Devices-Destroy-Childhood1

Exercise, exploration and play, active play, should be the main focus of childhood. This is the time when most of their brain synapses are actively preparing their minds for future learning. It is up to us, the adults, to try and regulate their use for their own benefit. We must encourage other kids activities, play with them or develop other hobbies that interest them. Hobbies that can one day develop into something they can focus on. Encourage them to participate in sports or dance recitals. Be mindful. If they cannot use their gadgets often then you shouldn’t either. It reinforces the message and it is only fair. 

Let the memories you keep of your children growing up be one where he participates and is smiling. It is a thousand times better than where he is alone, in a corner and languid.

Holistic Dentistry

Is Holistic Dentistry Better Than Mainstream?

Holistic dentistry, also referred to as biologic or biocompatible, dentistry is a philosophy based study whose aim is to promote wellness and health instead of just treating diseases. The dentistry does consider not only teeth but also the whole body and mind.

This is a major contrary to the mainstream dentistry since this approach incorporates both modern science and the knowledge gotten from the traditions about natural healing. With these aspects in mind, holistic dentistry might be preferred since modern dentures are more biocompatible. Nevertheless, other reasons that are making people switch to holistic dentistry are given below:

Natural pain remedies

Holistic dentistry does not involve the prescription of synthetic and chemical based painkillers. Synthetic and chemical based painkillers contain materials that may be incompatible with the patients’ body. This, therefore, leaves the holistic dentists with only an option of using natural remedies as a way of taking away pain during the dentistry procedure. On the other hand, mainstream dentists use painkillers, which are full of chemicals and other components which may be of harm to the human body. This means that after the dentistry process, the patient’s body is likely to be full of harmful chemicals such as mercury, lead, fluoride, and sulphur, which result in other health disorders.

Apart from using non-chemical remedies, holistic dentists use physically assisting treatment schemes like massages.

Focus on the whole body rather than teeth

Most holistic dentists are more concerned about the overall well-being of the whole body rather than just the teeth. The dentists believe that health and dentistry should extend beyond essential oral health since oral health is a signal that the body is not working as required. With this concept in mind, holistic dentistry is a more comprehensive approach when it comes to dental care and hygiene.

Face to face consultations

Mainstream dentists are known for typically asking about the universal and general ways of oral health and hygiene, after which they will demand to know how well you observe these basic dental care methods. In holistic dentistry, dentists have shied away from the idea of “a single size fits all.” Holistic dentists are different and believe that your unique diet and lifestyle have an impact on you alone rather than being too general.

A holistic dentist puts into perspective what a patient is undertaking regarding diet before analyzing your oral health, after which the dentists breaks down what you should or should not eat, based on the present state of your oral health. A proper explanation is then issued on how to protect oneself or how you should be choosing your diet for a positive impact on your oral health.

No Fluoride

Many mainstream dentists regularly use fluoride as a part of their practice. This fluoride has been attested to be more toxic than lead when used in acute doses. This is the reason why holistic dentists do not use chemical drugs in their dental procedures. They believe that the use of fluoride involves too many unanswered questions and a lot of unproven statistical research.

After learning about these advantages, many people are stuck on how they can choose an excellent holistic dentist. A right dentist is committed to their patients’ education and their overall health. However, since modern dentures are much more biocompatible, holistic dentistry is the solution in regards to dental health and dental boutique Melbourne is your home of ultimate solutions when it comes to holistic dentistry.

Biltong, The Healthy Snack

If you have South African friends, then it is very likely that you have encountered Biltong. Perhaps even has some of it. Biltong is a delicacy one of the best known snacks in South Africa. It is dried and cured game meat with different spices. The meat could be that of beef, ostrich, kangaroo, lamb, wildebeest, impala or some other animals at hand. It doesn’t really matter what type of meat. It is in the process that makes it delicious. It is made differently from beef jerky. It has vinegar involved as well as salt, coriander, pepper and fennel seeds, although these can be optional and varied. The main difference is biltong is air dried, usually hanging from hooks instead of being smoked.

It is a surprisingly healthy snack despite its humble appearance. In fact, it is now being hailed as the post workout recovery snack of choice for carnivores. This South African treat is originally Dutch which when translated means round tongue. 

High in protein, low in sugar and fat, Biltong is naturally gluten-free. This makes it ideal for after workout snacks for people who are watching their diets or in a fitness regimen. Biltong has zinc, an important mineral for its properties in immune boosting that can help against infection and the common cold.

Cobalamin, or vitamin B12, is an essential vitamin that the body cannot produce. The body needs this for the normal function of nerve cells. It is crucial for DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation. Biltong has B12 that could support bone health and prevent osteoporosis. A good vitamin B12 levels may also improve mood and decrease the risk of severe depression.


Low energy and dizziness can sometimes be an indication of low iron or creatine. Biltong is a great source of iron especially for people with anaemia and athletes. Creatine helps the body produce energy. Enough iron in the body can fight off fatigue and help the immune system.

The best thing about it aside from being healthy? It is handy and easy to store. It’s delicious, too.