Personal style used to be reserved for metrosexuals and celebrities. These days, however, we are all being encouraged to recognise our personal brand. Are you a designer label or, more, black and gold? Australians used to be famous for their bullshit detectors, but, now, many of us are as bad as the Yanks. Personal blogs and Facebook pages have made millions of Aussies, tacky diarists of the worst possible kind. Banality on display in a hundred thousand different, but taste the same, flavours. Neighbourhood pets have been launched to digital, Andy Warhol like 15 minutes of fame.

Developing Your Personal Style: The Beginning of Personal Development

So, what does it take to develop your own personal style? Is it as simple as stopping shopping at Target and K-Mart? Is it buying a new European made car or 4WD? Is it, finally, getting those snaggly teeth done by a cosmetic dentist? How about walking upright and posture correction? In the modern era, smiling a thousand times a day is par for the course. Every moment of your life is being digitally recorded by someone or something, somewhere.  To craft a winning smile is personal development 101 in 2017.

Tempering your inclination to drink until you pass out and/or vomit, can be a further step along the ladder to real personal development. Less becomes more, the older you get, as youthful members of the community. Inane chattering should be put to bed before you turn 19. Understanding personal space is another of those secret body language lores. Don’t get too close to me. Personal hygiene is another important factor, especially in urban settings. Buses and elevators are all places where fresh breath confidence is a plus. Refraining from violence and sexual abuse, is another principle worth adhering to in the twenty first century.

Asking yourself, whether you are a giver or a taker, is another useful orientation technique to employ. Be clear upon the basis of your life mission, and you will talk the talk and walk the walk. Discovering your own personal aesthetics, is an integral part of developing your personal style.  We are not all beautiful or ugly in the same way. We all have a different vibration; if you want to get all metaphysical about this. No two persons are completely alike, unless they are identical twins. Even then, there are slight, but distinctive differences.