Sex Workers & Sexual Diseases

Sex workers must maintain high levels of sexual health. In the same way, that taxi drivers, or owners of taxis, must keep their vehicles well maintained and on the road if they are to stay in business. If a call girl is carrying an infectious disease and she spreads the infection to her clients, then the chain of infections can damage the health of innocent parties like wives and girlfriends. The result of this would be calamitous for brothel owners, clients and the girls themselves.

Which is why all, well run, brothels have always had a strong relationship with a local doctor who can check the sexual health of their girls on a weekly basis. If an escort is an independent operator then she needs to establish a weekly check up protocol for herself with a medical centre or specialist doctor. I would confidently say that the sexual health of prostitutes in a professionally run establishment would be better than that of the general population of sexually active young women. Those in the business are kicking the tires every week; their business depends upon it.

Sex workers, also, regularly, visibly check the genitals of their potential clients for tell tale signs of sexual disease. Since the AIDS crisis there would still be a large number of sex workers insisting on the use of condoms, which obviously reduces the instance of the transference of sexual disease by some considerable margin. Of course, there are brothels and massage parlours at the lower end of the market, especially illegal establishment using sex slaves, who do not conform to these industry safety standards. As in any industry you get what you pay for and if you frequent dodgy joints you make take home some unwanted extras; in the form of a sexual disease.

There have been a number of arrests made by Australian police forces in Melbourne and Sydney of brothel owners, who have been found guilty of exploiting newly arrived migrants from countries like Korea and China. The sexual slavery market is, unfortunately, alive and well among certain sections of our multicultural society. If you are looking to maintain your sexual health and you partake of the services of the sex industry, do yourself a favour and steer clear of these types of establishments. As a consumer please feel free to ask the management about the sexual health protocols of their business; it hurts less to ask first.