Immigrants Who Have Wisdom Regarding Teeth

Immigrants Who Have Wisdom Regarding Teeth

Wisdom seems an antique consideration in this our 21C high tech world. We are more interested in devices with sufficient data storage capabilities than we are in the getting of wisdom. We are more concerned with Wi-Fi coverage than we are with moral turpitude in regard to the treatment of our fellow human beings. Immigrants who have wisdom regarding teeth have learned the hard way about pain and loss. The detention of immigrants is painful like the removal of wisdom teeth. Will they prove to be our undoing in the eyes of the Lord? Will they be the mote in thy brother’s eye?

In the Shadow of the Pandemic Poor People are the Greatest Losers

In the shadow of the pandemic, we have seen the increased rise of national borders. Populations of human beings are once more concerned with us and them. Aeroplanes are grounded and/or greatly reduced in their global travels. Finger pointing at China is fuelled by the Great Trump in his bid to appeal to his xenophobic constituency in an election year. Immigrants who have wisdom regarding teeth have learned the hard way about the lack of love from their fellow human beings. The global economy has been dented by disease and poor people are always the greatest losers in times of trouble. Immigrants find themselves working in cosmetic surgery SEO and marketing.

Black Lives Matter Has Stirred a Pot of Deep Emotions

The poor and the dispossessed are biting into thin air and finding compassion to be a rare commodity in 2020. Immigrants must find wisdom in their pain or risk being engulfed by rage to their ultimate detriment. It reminds me of the great stories of noble endurance suffered by African American slaves. Black lives matter has stirred a pot of deep emotions in many of us. History is not some dusty museum it is actually a powerful remembering.

Immigrants who have wisdom regarding teeth cannot afford to visit a dentist in this day and age, which is a poor reflection on the rest of us. We who have much owe it to those who have little to help wherever we can. This is why those of true faith must elect governments who govern with compassion. The grinding of teeth by the hungry and the neglected members of our communities is a terrible sound to hear. If you can help one person every day, then your day is infinitely richer for it.