Are Teeth Whitening Chemicals Dangerous To Your Health?

teeth whitening

In my research carried out in providing an answer to this topical question I found disparate reports. Teeth whitening has become a modern cultural obsession in the west. More and more younger progeny of wealthy western populations are determined to cosmetically enhance their looks in search of some sort of physical perfection. The natural insecurity of teenagers and young adults puts them in the firing line of savvy marketers promoting things like teeth whitening. Celebrity culture has reinforced this whiter than white obsession with gnashers. Remember bearing one’s teeth  is an age old, preliterate, body language signal indicating friendliness (that you are not going to eat this person). Are teeth whitening chemicals dangerous to your health?

Who Is Best Qualified to Do Teeth Whitening?

Yes, in too large doses is the simple answer to the teeth whitening chemical question. The British Dental Association states that whitening is safe if carried out by a registered dental professional. However, there are plenty of unregistered beauticians carrying out these whitening procedures in cities around the world. Plus, there are people self-administering these chemicals – hydrogen peroxide – at home. Chemical burns can result to mouth and gums if the procedure is incorrectly or inappropriately carried out. Professional teeth whitening by an accredited dentist is the best course of action for those wishing to whiten their chomping life.

Put Your Teeth Whitening into the Hands of a Trained Dentist

Of course, anxiety about dental treatments is nothing new, as history is littered with fears about dentists. In the distant past people had good cause to be wary of medieval dentists with their instruments fit for a torture chamber. Now, however state of the art dentistry is virtually pain free and a bit of a doddle really. Teeth whitening in the hands of a registered dentist is no cause for anxious feelings. These professionals understand oral health and hygiene better than anyone else on earth.

To avoid unnecessary worry don’t put your teeth whitening intro the hands of unregistered beauticians or home jobs. Remember that chemicals can burn and cause painful results if incorrectly applied. Your mouth is a very sensitive locale and keeping it free from nasty chemicals is a wise move. If you really have to whiten your teeth for whatever reason, then, do it under the watchful eye of a trained dental professional. Alternatively, you can reduce the amount of coffee, red wine, and cigarettes that you imbibe. It would be better for your health too.