Electricians Risk Exposure To Toxic Materials Daily

Electricians work in a variety of settings and may be exposed to several hazards, including:

Lead, solvents, solder, and other materials.
Risk of fatal electrical shock.
Risk of electrical burns.
Working in confined spaces.
Welding hazards, including UV radiation.
Extreme temperatures.
Risk of pain or injury from awkward positions, repetitive manual tasks, or lifting heavy objects.
Moulds, fungi and bacteria.
Risk of infection from bird or rodent droppings.
Working at heights.
Risk of eye injury from flying particles.
Slips, trips and falls.
Working with various hand tools, power tools and equipment.
Stress and anxiety
Shift work or extended work days.
Working alone.
Possible exposure to asbestos.

A lot of toxic material resides inside most electrical hardware. The fact that we use most of this hardware to make our day to day lives more comfortable is scary. The good news is that we can keep away from the toxic materials in the electrical hardware. All electricians have to do is be aware of what the toxic materials are.

It is scary to imagine that almost all the electrical hardware in your office’s house poses a significant danger to your health. The anxiety about what’s in your home can be mentally draining. The good news is that manufacturers keep changing hazardous components with less toxic materials; hence they bring about similar electrical hardware with less toxic elements.

In case you and your family friend of members want to change their switchboard. Your electrician can upgrade you to the safest switchboards.

The toxic components of most hardware include

Like I stated earlier, knowing what’s eating you up is the first step to breaking free from it.


These are plasticisers for PVC. These materials are used to make various parts of computes. As computers spoil or grow old, they are disposed of in the environment. The worst part is the danger this poses to human beings, most especially children. As they go out to play, they are exposed to the plasticisers that cause illness such as asthma, hay fever, and even worse, cancer.

Synthetic Musks

These are chemical substances that can disrupt or mimic sex hormones. They penetrate our bodies through the skin. Because they disturb the sex hormones, it is argued that they can cause deformities to the reproductive organs. They are also carcinogenic.


When one is exposed to copper for a long time, it irritates the nose and eyes. One’s health is likely to suffer from severe headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, and kidney failure.


When in high concentration, phosphorous concentration in surface water stimulates the growth organisms such as duckweed or algae. These organisms use high amounts of oxygen and block sunlight from reaching other living things beneath the water surface; hence they die.


Lead is the number one contributor to the pollution of the environment. It limits chlorophyll from synthesizing in plants. With a high concentration of lead, soil plants can transfer the metal to people and animals who will eat the vegetables or plants.


Aluminium penetrates the body through birthing, eating, or drinking. Long term exposure to aluminium can cause problems in the nervous system. One may develop dementia, one may lose their memory partially or fully.


Tin is also very dangerous not only to the environment but also to human beings.  Tin brings about Sweating profusely, nausea, eye, nose, and mouth irritation, head ache and stomach aches.

To wrap it up

Now have an overview of what the hazardous stuff is. All you can do is be extra cautious around worn-out electronics. You must also create awareness to your children and friends.