Is Holistic Dentistry Better Than Mainstream?

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry, also referred to as biologic or biocompatible, dentistry is a philosophy based study whose aim is to promote wellness and health instead of just treating diseases. The dentistry does consider not only teeth but also the whole body and mind.

This is a major contrary to the mainstream dentistry since this approach incorporates both modern science and the knowledge gotten from the traditions about natural healing. With these aspects in mind, holistic dentistry might be preferred since modern dentures are more biocompatible. Nevertheless, other reasons that are making people switch to holistic dentistry are given below:

Natural pain remedies

Holistic dentistry does not involve the prescription of synthetic and chemical based painkillers. Synthetic and chemical based painkillers contain materials that may be incompatible with the patients’ body. This, therefore, leaves the holistic dentists with only an option of using natural remedies as a way of taking away pain during the dentistry procedure. On the other hand, mainstream dentists use painkillers, which are full of chemicals and other components which may be of harm to the human body. This means that after the dentistry process, the patient’s body is likely to be full of harmful chemicals such as mercury, lead, fluoride, and sulphur, which result in other health disorders.

Apart from using non-chemical remedies, holistic dentists use physically assisting treatment schemes like massages.

Focus on the whole body rather than teeth

Most holistic dentists are more concerned about the overall well-being of the whole body rather than just the teeth. The dentists believe that health and dentistry should extend beyond essential oral health since oral health is a signal that the body is not working as required. With this concept in mind, holistic dentistry is a more comprehensive approach when it comes to dental care and hygiene.

Face to face consultations

Mainstream dentists are known for typically asking about the universal and general ways of oral health and hygiene, after which they will demand to know how well you observe these basic dental care methods. In holistic dentistry, dentists have shied away from the idea of “a single size fits all.” Holistic dentists are different and believe that your unique diet and lifestyle have an impact on you alone rather than being too general.

A holistic dentist puts into perspective what a patient is undertaking regarding diet before analyzing your oral health, after which the dentists breaks down what you should or should not eat, based on the present state of your oral health. A proper explanation is then issued on how to protect oneself or how you should be choosing your diet for a positive impact on your oral health.

No Fluoride

Many mainstream dentists regularly use fluoride as a part of their practice. This fluoride has been attested to be more toxic than lead when used in acute doses. This is the reason why holistic dentists do not use chemical drugs in their dental procedures. They believe that the use of fluoride involves too many unanswered questions and a lot of unproven statistical research.

After learning about these advantages, many people are stuck on how they can choose an excellent holistic dentist. A right dentist is committed to their patients’ education and their overall health. However, since modern dentures are much more biocompatible, holistic dentistry is the solution in regards to dental health and dental boutique Melbourne is your home of ultimate solutions when it comes to holistic dentistry.